Shine Brighter - Shine Brighter!

You've landed on a page that can lead to the support you need -- for emotional wellness, improved relationships, peace of mind, and renewed work-life balance. Shine Brighter Writing and Counseling offers therapy, groups, coaching, and writing instruction to help your thought and words reflect your highest, deepest truths and aspirations.

If you are bereaved or mourning a loss: I will give support. If you are stuck or stymied, we can plan together strategies to move ahead. If you are facing a mental health challenge, I will provide evidence-based interventions, hands-on tasks to help you, and a safe space in which your individualized healing process can begin.

If you have been in an invalidating relationship at home or at work, it's time to take stock of your strengths and find an ally. I will listen to your story.

If you are creative -- a writer, artist, musician, parent, teacher -- you are your own best instrument. We can work together to get you back in tune.

If you are a counselor, social worker, health care professional, or member of the clergy -- you are on output all week long. You deserve a chance to vent, to share your struggles, and to explore your perhaps-overlooked victories.  

Please do not think you have to solve your problems in isolation.

Though many answers are within you, for many of us it does takes a positive relationship to commit to truly listening to all our inner voices and drives and to blossom. Therapy involves learning. Coaching fosters striving. Writing requires reflection. 

You know that one-size does not fit all in therapy. Miracle-working, sometimes confrontational TV show depictions of robotic psychologists and stuffy psychiatrists run counter to our instincts. A passive helper is not the best choice either. I am warm, encouraging, and have a sense of humor.  I relate well to women and men of all walks of life, and will customize a treatment approach to fit you and your situation. The results of therapy emerge from strategic teamwork, trust, mutual learning, and rapport -- not imposing outside interpretations or just offering dull silence.

For a 30-minute, free get-acquainted session -- whether you are seeking counseling, coaching, editing, or writing services. Call me at 216-543-4891 and leave a confidential message or email with a short note.

You are worth the investment of therapy, and I will honor your time. You will not leave without at least one idea, a useful strategy, on how to help your words and life shine brighter. My rates are affordable as I do not work with insurance panels. I strive to be accessible to all who wish to look within and are in need. Do not wait to take your next, best step. Call or write.

Maria Shine Stewart, M.A. John Carroll University, L.P.C. (Ohio) 
Licensed Professional Counselor