Shine Brighter - Shine Brighter!

Ohioans in the Eastern Suburbs of Cleveland: Are you looking for support from a therapist, counselor, or mental health professional as you move through a difficult life transition? Do you have a vague sense that there must be more? Does it seem as if symptoms of anxiety, depression, even trauma are overwhelming to you?

One-size does not fit all in therapy. Miracle-working, sometimes confrontational TV show depictions of robotic psychologists and stuffy psychiatrists run counter to our need for more open discussions about, and awareness of, what a professional helper actually does. I believe I am warm, alert, supportive, and possess a sense of humor. I strive to listen in balance with offering strategies to help you thrive and validating your unique experience. I appreciate therapy as a joint effort.

The results of therapy emerge from teamwork.

I offer a 30-minute, free get-acquainted session -- whether you are seeking counseling, editing, or writing services. Call me or write: 216-533-0705 or the Contact form on this website. I am happy to give you a chance to share your therapy needs and goals, see my office library, and assess if you feel comfortable and if my office is a convenient commute for you.

You are worth it, and I will honor your story. You will not leave without at least one idea, a useful strategy, on how to help your words and life shine brighter. My rates are affordable as I do not work with insurance panels yet want to make therapy accessible to all who wish to work at it and are in need.

Could a therapist as personal coach encourage you to redirect in ways that could lead to a better job, more fulfilling relationships, and expressing your life's purpose? Do you want to change but feel blocked despite that desire?