Shine Brighter - Shine Brighter!
Writing: Any type or length
Web copy that shines. Brochures that sparkle. Letters that dazzle. Speeches and op-eds that inspire. Feature articles that glow. I am versatile. Just ask. Bylined (give me the credit) or ghostwritten (sounds scary but it isn't)--either way, I'd like to help.
Picture: I'm in Austin, Texas, co-presenting at the Lake Ridge Academy/OASIS Intergenerational Arts Project videotape at the OASIS annual convention (1994). We also did a commemorative chapbook. I can travel to work with you.
Collaborative writing (teamwork)
It takes two to tango, and I'm an excellent dancer. I can lead; I can follow; I can vary my timing and pace to suit you and your deadline and your project.  I have collaborated with professionals from many fields, including engineering, science, the health professions, the fine arts, and business. My genuine curiosity and intelligence make this possible. Let me write along with you.
Comprehensive editing
Sometimes the difference between good and great in copy is a thorough revision to highlight strengths and minimize weaker areas, move key ideas to strategic spots, improve word choice, tweak sentence rhythms, and eliminate deadwood, jargon, even gobbledygook (the blah-blah-blah). I can do that efficiently and skillfully.
Copy editing
Precision in punctuation and sharpening of style require a fine eye. A good landscaper does not usually start by tearing out all the shrubs. I can go easy on major changes and "take just a little off the sides." And yet, strategic copy editing, like a good haircut, can work wonders and help you put your best face forward.
Some assert this is a lost art. Others might dare to say it doesn't much matter anymore in our rushed era, but you know better. Among my proofreading clients has been a major medical journal, in which there was little room for error. In our electronic age, proofreading has special challenges. I offer a sharp eye and help you sharpen yours, too.
Teaching, Tutoring, and (Writing) Coaching
Leilani's Confirmation 052My experience as a writer and editor is important -- but beyond that, a good teacher establishes rapport and helps writers build their own confidence and eloquence. I have taught professional writing, copy editing, creative writing, research-based writing, memoir writing, and beginning and advanced writing at colleges and universities  in many locations. My students are consistently satisfied. Ask me for their recommendations.