Shine Brighter - Shine Brighter!

I offer a 30-minute, free get-acquainted session -- whether you are seeking counseling, editing, or writing services.


Let's gauge for mutual good fit.

The quality of our bond -- in brief, do we "click" -- is a powerful dimension of writing collaboration, tutoring, or therapy. Some call it rapport. It undergirds all human relationships.

In the free session, I am happy to give you a chance to share your needs at this time, see my office library, and assess if you feel comfortable.

You will not leave without at least one idea, a useful strategy, on how to help your words and life shine brighter.

A seasoned educator and woman of significant life experience, I am ready to learn from you -- and ready to help you learn.

If you are spiritually oriented, I am also understanding of world religions and traditional and non-traditional faith paths. So, if you are writing a spiritual autobiography, I can provide encouragement, for example. If you are torn on entering a monastery and want a non-clerical point of view, I may be that person who can serve as a sounding board.

Mental health concerns should carry no stigma. I am a counselor in Ohio, so I cannot practice outside the state, and I don't prescribe, so we will work with your fundamental instrument: you. That includes body, mind, emotions, and -- if you choose -- your own support network.

Whether you are battling anxiety, depression, bereavement, worry, trauma, or sense that "there should be more" in your life, you have taken the right step, searching. 

My approach includes a unique blend of behavior therapy with positive psychology. I will listen with great care as you tell your story yourself.
At various times in my life, I also have wondered if a certain helper is right for me.  So let your search begin, and call...