Shine Brighter - Shine Brighter!
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I offer a 30-minute, free get-acquainted session.

The quality of the therapeutic bond -- in brief, do we "click" -- is a powerful dimension of therapy. I am happy to give you a chance to share your needs at this time, and I will offer ideas on what could be useful strategies to help your life shine brighter!

If you are spiritually oriented, I am also understanding of world religions and traditional and untraditional faith paths.

Whether you are battling anxiety, depression, bereavement, worry, trauma, or sense that "there should be more" in your life, you have taken the right step, searching. 

My approach is eclectic, blending behavior therapies with positive psychology insights and, always, the power of unconditional positive regard (see the work of Carl Rogers). I am your advocate and coach. Together, we can focus on the challenges of your life. I will listen as you tell your story.

As I listen, you will learn to deepen your ability to listen to your own intuition, too, and gain strength -- even rekindle hope.

As a counselor and therapist my hallmark is compassion.